Vi-Track Fleet Management System allows you to be able to monitor via the web whenever and wherever you are. In addition you can also monitor via your mobile phone directly.

What is Vi-Track

Vi-TRACK is a system that is able to provide the best solution to overcome the problems in monitoring mobile assets, which have high mobility, such as freight cars, container trucks, cars, money cars, fleet / sea vehicles and so on.


Vi-TRACK This works by using GPS satellites that transmits data on the position of an object which is then received by the GPS receiver in the form of numbers, position, velocity, and direction are then processed by the system are mounted on the vehicle and then sent to an electronic map.

Value of Vi-Track

Vi-TRACK can provide convenience to companies that have fleets of vehicles in its fleet to manage, so the company can assign its fleet simultaneously. In the distribution of a controlled fleet to improve operational productivity of the fleet.

Capacity performance

Vi-TRACK that can monitor the location, position, direction and speed of vehicles in real time as well as historical (the past). With the presence of technology Vi-TRACK, can overcome the things that does not want the vehicle, and you personally from an early age, such as crime, barriers to non--technical, technical defects, etc..


Cost Control

  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness delivery time.
  • Anticipating abuse fleet/vehicle.
  • Pressing fleet operating costs by monitoring managerial accurate.
  • Increase profits through cost minimization.

Management Improvisation

  • Improve Service Level for owners of fleets/vehicles.
  • Fleet Monitoring activities/vehicles will be assigned a variety of regulatory violations.
  • Increasing operational productivity Fleet/vehicle.
  • Improving the efficiency and accuracy planning and scheduling.

Risks Minimization

  • Anticipating/minimizing the risk of losing fleet/vehicle.
  • Minimizing the risk of late delivery goods.
  • Improve road safety and discipline.

Added Value

  • As high-tech companies.
  • Improve services to customers.
  • Increase productivity through distribution management.


Monitor your position and vehicle speed via GPS satellites, both the current time (real time) and the past (history) via the internet Vi-Track Website (, tracking the mobile version ( or via the GSM mobile phone with a Vi-Track SMS anytime, anywhere.


Media use GSM, the Vi-Track GTS is equipped with a Handsfree Speaker & Microphone, then add to your communication facilities like driving a car phone.


To limit the speed of your vehicle, if the vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed limit then you will receive an alert/notification via Vi-Track your applications.


Through on-line system of Vi-Track, a recording/travel notes can be taken in the form of reports.


You'll get the information through the application of Vi-Track or e-mail automatically when the vehicle passes or visiting a border area that you specify.