Vi-Track GPS Tracking Set has the ability to track the position of your fleet fleet anywhere and whenever you are. In addition you can monitor your fleet to the speed limit, the motion of your fleet, etc..


VT-GTS-H360S is a product intended to be a solution in the management of your vehicle. This device serves to keep track of your vehicle so we can know the information required of the fleet. The information is conveyed by this device is the position, speed, direction, route, and stop status.

This device uses a GPS mapping and then transmitted to a data center (server) using the GPRS GSM network, so that this device can perform real-time tracking of your fleet data and information accurately.


Spesifikasi Teknis

    • Equipment dimensions 97 mm x 58 mm x 39 mm
    • Weight 195 grams
    • It has 2 digital inputs and 1 digital output
    • Antenna (GSM/GPS)
    • Voice button
    • Speaker and microphone
    • Spy Call interface (additional interface)
    • Relay
    • Audio
    • GSM and GPS indicator lights
    • Using frequency GSM / GPRS for data communication to the data center.
    • Frequency used 800/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • Case : Silver
    • Label Name : Silver
    • Background Label : Hitam
    • Vi-Track Vision
    • Vi-Track Stop Condition
    • Vi-Track Speed Limit Sensor
    • Vi-Track Odometer
    • Vi-Track Report
    • Vi-Track Geofence


    • Vi-Track Phone. The ability to communicate using voice.
    • Vi-Track Spy Call. Can make a call in secret.
    • Vi-Track Start/Stop Engine. Can turn off or turn on the machine (start / stop engine).