Vi-Track GPS Tracking Set has the ability to track the position of your fleet fleet anywhere and whenever you are. In addition you can monitor your fleet to the speed limit, the motion of your fleet, etc..


With developments in technology GPS TRACKING needs especially in mining, especially coal mining to the Vi-track to introduce our new products we have designed specifically for the use of heavy equipment in mining where we also use the Iridium satellite technology that can reach the coverage especially in the mines. GPS Tracking tool is more devoted to excavators, generators, cranes, mixers, trailers, construction equipment like.


Spesifikasi Teknis

  • Tool dimensions 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 8 cm
    • Has two digital inputs, 2 high speed counter inputs, 1 analog input (8 bit ADC) and a digital output.
    • Irridium Antenna
    • An SOS button and battery status
    • Display power (charge on)
    • Display GPS (if the lights on the device get GPS signal)
    • Display IRRIDIUM (if the signal lights on the device get iridium)
    • Display SOS (when the button is pressed for 3 seconds the LED will blink every second, after 3 seconds the LED will light without blinking for 10 seconds)
    • Connector 12 VDC 30 VDC power
    • 6V 4.5 AH Battery backup
    • Data Logger 61.000
    • Half-duplex RS485 module to USB (the maximum distance of 1400 feet)
    • Using iridium satellite communication media.
    • GPS NMEA format.
    • Anti Tampering.
    • Case : white
    • Label Name: Silver
    • Background Label: Black
    • Vi-Track Vision

      Tracking device was put forward from the current position of monitoring the entire fleet is owned by a related company.

      Vi-Track Stop Condition

      Help monitor the activities / operasionl the working hours of heavy equipment in order to avoid cheating on the use of out of hours operations (start-stop engine by monitoring the heavy equipment).

    • Identify operational vehicles
    • Alarm operator in violation of the speed, start-stop engine, and the location
    • Help monitor the position of real time / date equipment / asset.
    • Can provide the efficiency and effectiveness of such equipment.
    • Can limit the area of movement of heavy equipment with Geofencing function so that we can monitor if the asset moves outside the area.
    • Reduce the risk of theft (either time or machine itself).
    • Can monitor your fleet operating expenses.