Vi-Track Fleet Management System allows you to be able to monitor via the web whenever and wherever you are. In addition you can also monitor via your mobile phone directly.

System Support

Vi-Track GPS Tracking System is a service intended for private vehicle users, company or other business entity, with only the use of Vi-Track GTS (GPS Tracking Set). You'll get a variety of facilities and service technologies Vi-Track from :


Web Service


Realtime Monitoring

Looking at your vehicle and at the same position in real-time status of the application Vi-Track Fleet Management System. In addition to the position, the application also comes with a data speed of the fleet, direction, and status than the fleet itself.


Multiple Unit Monitoring

In this feature you can monitor the entire fleet that you have in one screen. It is very rewarding to be able to coordinate with the entire unit is mounted gps tracking. Usually it is most needed by companies such as travel agents, transporters, and cargo service or car rental company. It aims to optimize your transportation assets and the efficiency of the company.


Historical Playback

The data is already stored in the vehicle tracking system you can see back to the historical features of this playback. This feature will memperllihatkan movement of your vehicle in the past according to the time you want. Data stored in the system that is available up to 3 months. In the feature will show position information, time, speed, and a list of positions in the form of animation.



This feature can be utilized as a feature to save specific coordinates that you feel is important for the save. You can mark the location or coordinates of your favorite or related business areas.


Realtime Reporting

You can view the entire report is happening in your entire fleet in the form of table sheets, and can be exported in a CSV file whenever you need.

SMS Services

Realtime Position Request

You can send sms to our server to get your vehicle's position at the current time. Our server will immediately send information from your vehicle's position via SMS with information that can be understood by the user. For that you do not need a computer to be able to find out your current vehicle.

Realtime Alert

You can receive alerts directly from gps tracking devices installed in accordance with what you want. Such as maximum speed limit warnings, alerts ignition, the vehicle motion (geofence), etc.. The alert will continue to be sent during the offense is still in violation.

Shutdown Engine (Optional)

This optional feature can turn off your vehicle wherever and whenever.

Credit Check (Cek Pulsa)

This optional feature can turn off your vehicle wherever and whenever.